You Will NOT Become A Freelance Writer And Move To Thailand

Thailand is home to the most concentrated population of failed writers, entrepreneurs, and old creepy men looking to make their 50k retirement savings stretch until death.

Thailand is the country where these types go to buy cheap hookers, live on a shoestring budget (because they have no clients) and slowly go broke. They will tell you they love the culture and the people. When you suddenly inflate the cost of living, you see them hop on the first plane out of there.

I noticed this observing both the country and the expats who haunt the land with their strangeness.

The expats who make Thailand their home are the strangest people you’ll ever meet. In their home country they would be called strange, losers, and drop outs. In a certain context, being a drop out is a badge of honor. I firmly believe in “dropping out” from the hamster wheel of what most of society tries to cram down our throats. I do not believe in laziness or shying away from developing work ethic.

In Thailand, it means you have few skills and you’re forced to leverage the economics of a poor country in order to make ends meet. Men here leverage the currency of their home country to survive and to attract women they could never obtain back home. Their measly $5 dollars is unfortunately seen as a valuable asset to Thai women, who happily pretend to enjoy their company in pursuit of more.

You can smell the scarcity and creepiness from miles off.

I watched 2 backpacking hippie types HAGGLING an old lady over the price of her water. I could tell right away they were Upwork writers. These writers are so broke they haggle poor old locals in the streets. The country made them broke. Thailand is too soft a country to become a writer grizzled with experience and steeped in clients.

The expats in Thailand are lazy, broke, and entitled. They think walking with the elephants, eating for $1 dollar a day, and sleeping with cheap hookers makes them enlightened and cultured.

Serious writers have no time for this. They’re too busy writing and receiving direct bank deposits from high paying clients. How about make a ton of money and then go to Thailand? For that you would of course need real clients, real skills, and work ethic – Something most of these expats desperately need.

You can become a freelance writer and NOT move to Thailand. I know, everyone is moving to Thailand to do the digital nomad thing but it’s a massive mistake.

Serious writers who want to turn pro would never think of moving to Thailand. Thailand will make you lazy. The low cost of living will turn you into mush. You will complete the bare minimum of projects to get by. The currency of your home country stretches all the way to the horizons. You can barely do any work at all and get by. You will become soft. You will succumb to the laziness of your new expat friends. This is human nature.

If you want to turn pro the best thing you can do is move to an area where the cost of living is NORMAL. Your home country is just fine. A normal to high cost of living forces you to keep an edge. It forces you to continually produce better work and to continually attract high paying freelance writing clients. Life is not the plot of Eat, Pray, Love. Seeing the elephants will not change your bad habits, make you a better writer, or add more zeros to your bank account.

Just remember the rules.

Do NOT move to Thailand just to save money and write.

Do NOT buy any “make money online” course from anyone currently living in Thailand.

If they are so successful what are they doing in the country with the lowest cost of living!

You Will NOT move to Thailand!

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