Has A Google Update Destroyed Your Niche Site?

Have you been hit by a Google update recently? This article was written in July 2020 but it doesn’t matter the date. In fact, it doesn’t really matter what update you got hit with. The point is these updates take out the best of us from time to time.

Here’s a couple snapshots from one of my niche sites. The first screenshot is from the June 2019 Core Update:

june 2019 core update

The next one is various updates from 2020:

As you can see my site got hit fairly hard in the June 2019 core update and didn’t really recover until the January 2020 update. Traffic would start to peter off again, with periods of feast and famine. Over the years I’ve been hit with a ton of updates. At first I began to panic. With each update I would question whether or not the site was worth maintaining. Each time my site would crash I’d sink into panic mode and Google everything about the update. All the so called SEO “experts” would weigh in with their thoughts. Sometimes the experts offered insight. For instance, the “Medic” update of August 2018 was obviously targeting health related sites lacking authority. Most of the time however, niche site owners and SEO experts are left swinging in the dark. And honestly, there is very little you can do to combat these updates. People think disavowing a few links or making other meaningless changes will effect their rankings – it won’t.

The one thing I’ve learned is you must not panic and continue plowing forward with increased vigor and potency. Each time Google crushed me into the ground, I plowed harder. 

I went deeper. I DUG TO THE DEPTHS.

I continued to pump out content in the face of total adversity. Over the years this strategy has paid off.

Nowadays I don’t give a shit about Google updates. I take them as they come and plow through. The one thing this has lead to is long term readers. Because I’ve been writing about this subject for years, readers come back to my blog directly. If it’s one thing readers love it is constant content. People think they can create a niche site with a few articles and just leave it. They expect those articles to continue ranking forever…what delusion! This is a long term game and not for the faint of heart.

Another reason I do not fear the updates is my email list. With the list I have access to an instant source of traffic. While the Google search traffic is nice, knowing I don’t need to rely on search traffic brings me deep peace.

As you write more and more, Google matters less and less.

Continue plowing!!

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