Values versus Emotions

It’s common when pursuing goals to make decisions based on how the end goal is going to make you feel. It’s all about whether or not the thing you want is going to bring you some type of good feeling or positive emotion. Achievement becomes a means of self pleasure, and getting off on your own emotions. The problem with this mode of operation is the emotion you get from things is fleeting. The positive emotions you experience after a goal is achieved are quickly realized, and rapidly leaves you seeking the next fix. You find your state of emotion generally does not fluctuate, and the brain constantly seeks to return to baseline. When things go up, the brain will compensate to return to the middle. When things go down, the brain does the same. Think about times in your life when you were at the bottom, and other times when you were at the top. You will find in both case you felt about the same.

How childish to seek this kind of emotional stimulation? You can feel as if you’re on a treadmill going nowhere.

Better to make your decisions not on how something makes you feel, but on the value of the thing. A value you have could be something like building a strong family. Building a strong family is a value. You don’t do it because the thing will make you feel good. You do it because it’s a value. A life lived by values leads to a life of peace and contentment. A life lived for emotions leads to an endless rollercoaster of ups and downs, and leaves you feeling no better or worse than when you started. When you live a life for emotions, you sacrifice a life of values – the thing that ultimately leads to peace and contentment.

Can a man exist without values? What kind of man denies values and chases only emotions? Do you feel like a man?

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