Flaws Of The Black Pill

I’ve recently discovered an entire sub culture of the internet called the “Red Pill”, “Blue Pill”, and the “Black Pill.” Doing cursory research reveals these philosophies are built around the scene in the Matrix where Neo is offered 2 pills – the Red Pill and the Blue Pill. If he takes the Red Pill, Neo gets taken down the rabbit hole of hard truths to see the realities of the world. If he takes the blue pill, he gets plugged back into the Matrix where he continues to live out his life of illusions. In this interesting sub culture the blue pill primarily refers to men who believe in the classic fairy tale relationship plot points – man meets girl, marries girl, lives happily ever after. The Red Pill culture on the other hand is made up of men who’ve been dragged through the mud by women, disillusioned and jaded by their experiences. Perhaps they’ve been cheated on or their experiences with women have reached a boiling point where they can no longer accept the mainstream narrative, or what society has told them about female nature. The Red Pill community prides themselves on seeing “the truth.”

Out of this community has sprung the “Black Pill.” Taking the black pill stands in contrast to the blue and red pills in a few fundamental ways. The Black Pillers believe society is beyond the point of saving and have come to accept the bitter realities of the world. They are not interested in understanding or dissecting the nature of the world. Black pillers give off the vibe that the world does not effect them. They are indifferent to it. However, the more the black pill screams about their indifference the more they show how much they actually care.

The main flaw of the black pill is the complete lack of agency in the philosophy. Black pillers believe the world cannot be changed, and working towards changing it is a waste of time. The black pill is a philosophy of defeatism and apathy.

As men it is in our DNA to exert our will upon the world, to change the world, and to mold it in the ways we see fit. The black pill disregards and side steps this fundamental fact about men. Men must create their reality and their philosophy. Unfortunately men who subscribe to the idea of the black pill have already given up their power to a philosophy not of their own creation. When you choose to accept a premade path, you lose your power. You become weakened and the world begins to bear down upon you with great gravity.

The black pill pushes men to adopt a neutral apathetic disposition towards their world and convinces them no matter how much they try, nothing can change.

This is defeatism. Do you feel like a man?


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