Victor Pride of Bold and Determined Goes MIA

What happened to Victor Pride?? This is what the people want to know!!

Victor Pride of Bold and Determined has apparently shut down his blog, shut down his supplement company (Red Supplements), and cancelled all his ebooks! This is not breaking news but something I’ve recently discovered. The Bold and Determined blog was one of the few blogs I enjoyed reading. It was one of the few blogs I visited directly on a somewhat frequent basis. Perhaps once a month I would pop in to see what ol Saint Nick had in store for me. His blogs consisted of motivating type content of all sorts, and I particularly enjoyed his approach to achieving financial freedom by leveraging the online world. Victor talked in a no bullshit manner and had an engaging writing style I found captivating. His content appealed to men and garnered many comments. In fact, few blogs get any comments at all which tells you the success Victor had in the blogging sphere, and the devotion of his followers. I even came very close to commenting myself at one point, something which I never do. I followed Victors advice and started a few blogs of my own (one of which took off and consistently brings me income to this day. Many failed.)

Victors content spurred me to take action in creating my online business and I owe a lot to him for the Bold and Determined blog.

It goes without saying I was a little confused to find the blog completely shut down, with only 2 podcasts uploaded to the front page. To a certain degree, I saw this coming. Before the blog shut down Victor began writing more and more about his path to Christ. This change came suddenly, and during a time when COVID-1984 was at its height in terms of the fear it produced in people. I had a sense that Victor had been struggling with his spiritual nature for quite some time, and thought COVID may have pushed him over the edge towards Christ. I know from personal experience how powerful these moments in time can be for a mans spiritual progress. I was glad to see Victor turning to Christ but also disappointed to see all his content gold taken down.

I also believe Victor was influenced (at least in part) by RooshV to an extent, as Roosh took similar actions with his own content – unpublishing all his books on game and his exploits regarding women and traveling. In Roosh I also saw the same trajectory – immense pain and frustration with the world. Roosh certainly gave off more jaded vibes, especially towards the nature of women, but Victor perhaps just hid it better. Both Roosh and Victor vented their frustrations through their work. A man can only take so much pressure and frustration before he collapses and allows something new to take root.

Many rumors about Victor have surfaced on the internet. Some think Victor was lying about the amount of money he made. Others think he was on anabolic steroids and other drugs which broke him down mentally. B and D wannabes have popped up everywhere to fill the void. I think none of that truly matters. I wish Victor a noble future and may he find peace in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


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